About Us

The Organization

ASDiscover is dedicated to improving the lives of families and children affected by autism in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Our team is composed of individuals from a variety of backgrounds who all share the same goal. We are committed to serving everyone, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or color.

The diverse experiences of our staff contribute an abundance of insights and skills to our purpose. We are committed to building an environment of empathy, understanding, and collaboration in order to achieve our mission of providing a secure, caring, and enriching environment for children with autism and their families.

ASDiscover is not just an ordinary organization, but a collaborative endeavor driven by empathy, perseverance, and a sincere aspiration to create a beneficial impact. Together, we are here to break down barriers, celebrate diversity, and foster an environment where every child’s potential is valued and nurtured. Our journey is guided by the principle that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to thrive, regardless of who they are.

Meet Our Founder

Our team consists of exceptional individuals, each of whom plays a crucial role in our collective success.

The founder, Ashleigh Sayles is a passionate professional who is deeply committed to assisting children who are experiencing socio-emotional difficulties. She worked in The Challenger program, an outgrowth of the Crawford County Mental Health Department’s F.A.C.T. project (Family & Children Together), for nearly 5 years. During her tenure there, Ashleigh provided personal attendant care to children and adolescents with a variety of conditions, including trauma survivors.

Ashleigh’s knowledge extends beyond caring. She was crucial in creating a curriculum focusing on everyday living skills, which included critical factors such as healthy social interaction, sanitation, and good sportsmanship. She assisted youngsters in practicing these skills in a fun and supportive setting by using engaging games and interactive activities.